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   March 2014

As you will see, the website has undergone a much needed revamp. Many of the old features are still there but we wanted to reflect a changing philosophy and also appeal to the growing number of younger people looking for up to the minute, cutting edge information. We hope you like the new look!. Please take the time to check out The New Paradigm pages, you'll find some great new bits there!

I have to say that much of this new information reflects a shift in my own thinking and as I enter my 60th year on this planet I find that my understanding of the nature of life is rapidly changing as my awareness expands. As someone who has operated with Spiritualism for most of my adult life, demonstrating extensively for the last 35 years, it is my belief that what is often referred to as the 'spirit world' can now be explained scientifically. Indeed, I believe that it exists within an infinitely faster frequency range than our own, way beyond visible light and outside of the 'known' electromagnetic spectrum (yet still 'within' an expanded electromagnetic spectrum that science has yet to uncover). Spiritualists, although possessing some awareness of these unseen dimensions, often refer to them, somewhat quaintly as 'the afterlife', ' the astral planes' or simply ' the spirit world', all terms that I myself have used over the years. Yet, there is no 'afterlife' in a sense, because there is no 'death' and life never ceases - it is a continuum. When our consciousness and energy ceases to register within the spectrum of visible light and our 'physical body' it continues to do so within another part of the spectrum, which still appears to be as solid and substantial as that which we currently experience. At times, these frequencies (which are extremely close to each other) overlap or can be accessed through 'mediumship' (which is the ability of an individual to re-tune their mental apparatus to receive a higher frequency). Mediumship is regarded as a 'gift', but it is a natural ability that is more refined within some than others. The new book (see below) goes some way to explaining this and offers the reader a compromise of sorts between entrenched spiritual beliefs and modern cutting-edge science. I see no disparity between these two aspects but rather a joyous union that is now emerging resulting in a truly spiritually-scientific understanding.

New Book


'Transcognitive Spirituality' (published in March 2013) is now available exclusively from this website. The paperback and electronic EBook versions are AVAILABLE HERE NOW. This book is unlike anything Robert has worked on before but features the very latest scientific and spiritual information and is sure to interest all genuine seekers of deeper knowledge. To quote Robert "this is a book I've been wanting to write for a long time". Featuring over 50 illustrations, this work is a serious attempt to bring together the latest cutting edge research to help forge a new understanding that he calls 'scientific spirituality'. If you are ready to take a huge leap forward in your understanding - this is a book for you!


DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE Robert is running a conventional spiritual development circle for 19 weeks from March 11th until July 15th inclusive at Oaks Community Hall, Harvington (Nr Kidderminster) This group is now once again fully subscribed.

Trance Evenings 2014 and beyond

Will all spiritualist churches note that Robert has not stopped doing his trance work (he has only cut down on divine services) and is still available for special evenings of trance mediumship with White Feather.



Robert 2013

After 34 years of continuous platform work (most Sunday evenings) Robert has decided to concentrate more fully on his teaching work and trance demonstrations and will only be undertaking a few selected Sunday evening services at local churches, along with some special clairvoyant evenings. The unique White Feather Trance Evenings will be not be affected in any way and the hope is that Robert & Amanda will have more time to devote to this area of their work.


In addition to offering home and church circles the chance to hear White Feather speak in their own circles, Robert & Amanda now also offer small groups of up to 6 people the opportunity to travel and hear the guide communicate at their home in Kidderminster. If you have a small number of people who would like to witness first hand and close up this wonderful spirit teacher, contact us via email in the first instance for full details and dates. We are also now visiting home and church circles if requested. These are proving popular as it allows the opportunity for more in-depth communication to take place.

This from Facebook: "Wow guys.. Just got back from the lovely and accomodating Robert and Amanda Goodwin's house. Robert a very talented trance medium and graced us with his amazing guide 'White Feather'. What an insightful lovely night, full of interesting addresses to questions as well as very interesting concepts to life and the great universal. If you haven't had the pleasure to see Rob in action, trust me you really should. It would be a once in a lifetime thing for most of us! Thank you for your excellent hosting Robert and Amanda, you were appreciated, and love to you both. Keep up the great work" - Dave

"Just spent with my two development circles an amazing 2 hours thanks to Robert Goodwin with his guide Whitefeather. Thank you for the philosophy and all the answers to the many varied questions from the group. All answered with understanding, love and compassion. An opportunity never to be missed if it is presented to you. Thank you for the service you do for spirit Rob. Love and light" - Rod

"We thoroughly enjoyed our evening and felt very privileged to have witnessed a high level of true trance mediumship and be in the presence of White Feather. His words of wisdom have certainly given us food for thought."
"I must add that the books are brilliant and none and we haven't been able to put them down." D & J